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Four Level Stack With Two Pit Level

This system offer parking for Four cars with two above the ground level and Two cars in the Pit. For removing the car parked on the first Pit level Ground level car must be removed and for removing the car in the second Pit level both cars above the ground to be removed.

Please Note :- Maximum height of the pit level depends upon the clear height above the ground level

TYPE Four level Stack with Two pit level
MODELS E4BS(-2)/E4BM(-2)/E4BB(-2)
LIFTING CAPACITY 2000 Kg [ Per Car Weight]
LIFTING TIME 2 m/min (each stack)
OPERATION Hydraulic Power Pack, Two Cylinder
with Key/Push button operation.
POWER SUPPLY 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION Up to 0.03 units per operation (approx.)

Specification Table:


E3BS 2300 X 4500 ALL LEVEL
19 00mm
MAX – 4100mm ALL LEVEL
Hydraulic Small Cars
E2CM 2500 X 5500 ALL LEVEL
21 00mm
MAX – 5100mm ALL LEVEL
Hydraulic Small Cars/
Mid Sized Sedans
E3BB 2800 X 5600 ALL LEVEL
24 00MM
MAX – 5200mm ALL LEVEL
Hydraulic Mid Sized Sedan/
Small Cars/
Large Sedans/

Standard Features:


  • Four Platforms per system.
  • Color scheme for the System can be provided as per the Client’s requirement.
  • Hot dipped Galvanized Corrugated floor plates on platforms to reduce dead weight and increase durability.
  • Two sets of hydraulic cylinders will be provided.
  • Chain supported balancing and lifting Mechanism
  • Compact Power pack system with enclosed motor and rubber bush fittings for reduced noise levels.
  • Optional Photo sensor for the middle car to prevent accidental lowering of upper stack or lifting of the lower stack.
  • Electromagnetic locking mechanism to prevent unwanted lowering of upper stacks.
  • Limit switches to restrict the travel height by Auto cutting off the motor .
  • Remote switch box with Key/Push button for easy operation.
  • Emergency Shutdown switch.

Requirements from Client:


  • Parking area allotted must be cleared with no obstructions.
  • Civil work in Pit to be completed with appropriate drainage system provided to prevent water accumulation.
  • Base area of the parking space allotted shall be Concrete with minimum strength of M20.
  • Pit area provided should be clean and free of any accumulated water.
  • Appropriate lighting to be provided within the pit and working area.
  • Additional space to be provided for storing and installing the Power Pack system.
  • While erection of the system client should provide storage facilities for keeping our tools and other valuable
    parts of the system.
  • Temporary Electrical connection must be provided at the time of erection and installation of the systems.
  • 12 amps MCB and Main Electrical Connection (or 4 Pole RCBO) along with electrical cable fitting must be provided from the
    Main Power supply to the parking systems with 3Ph 415V AC, 50Hz with Neutral and Earth (3Ph+N+E).
  • Incoming Cable Size should be at least 5 Core x 2.5 sq.mm. Flexible Copper multi Core cable (3PH+N+E) from Main Switch
    to Control Panel.
  • In case of Parking Installed in open to Sky location, it is recommended to have a weather covering over the
    installation to prevent damage to the electronics / mechanism due to weathering.